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  • Superior Defence
  • Trust In Over 40 Years Experience
  • Dedited To Your se
  • Superior Defence
  • Trust In Over 40 Years Experience
  • Dedited To Your se
Barry Fox
Barry Fox



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Mr. Fox has been practicing criminal law since 1976. He has represented clients in the Provincial and Superior Courts as well as the Court of Appeal of Ontario and the Supreme Court of nada. He has also represented clients in Fort Meyers, Florida, and Malaysia.

Mr. Fox graduated from the University of Toronto School of Law in 1974, receiving a Juris Doctorate. He has been designated by the Law Society of Ontario as a specialist in criminal law.

Mr. Fox has conducted over 70 murder trials, over 1000 drug trials, and over 1000 impaired driving trials.

A typil client of Mr. Fox is an individual who both wants and needs to win. Some of the more prominent ses are as follows:

Barry Fox

The successful defence of an abused woman who murdered her husband.

Barry Fox

The reduction of a murder charge to manslaughter concerning a woman who killed her four-month-old child.

Barry Fox

The successful challenge of the use of the breathalyzer machine in Ontario.

Barry Fox

The successful defence of an individual ught with hash oil taped to her body.

Barry Fox

The successful defence of an essay for hire writing firm who was charged with conspiracy to commit forgery.

Mr. Fox has diligently and successfully defended those charged with criminal offenses for the past forty years and will continue to do so.

Google Reviews

Google Reviews

~ Le Firme Menswear & The Bespokeman Custom Tailoring

“In the world of criminal justice Mr Fox is very well versed. But his knowledge of international law is just as appropriate. My issues were with nada Customs on a return from Italy. A very long and arduous working trip. It was a nightmare with many accusations being flung with an unknown understanding of what was right and documented. Well Mr. Fox made my se and all was resolved and returned. Mr. Fox even arranged an apology from the powers that be. That was amazing and above the ll of duty. I strongly recommend that you have a consultation with Barry Fox when you have an issue with the law!”

~ Tonino Siculiana

“My problem was with a trumped-up gun charge. Not my fault and totally unwarranted. I am a hunter and keep everything as safe as possible. Unfortunately certain policemen try to make a name for themselves with their superiors. They felt that I was a possible threat beuse of something said on social media by someone I did not know. Anyways, my property was confisted and thanks to Barry and his team all was returned with no charges being laid. It took time, but these things take time. Barry Fox made it a point to get all that belong to me, returned. Safe and sound! Thank you Fox and Associates for all you do!”

~ Arif Hussain

“Greatest criminal defence lawyer in the world. Expert cross examiner. Over 40 years of experience in criminal law. Best trial lawyer you will ever hire. Down to earth and nicest person you will ever meet. Barry really knows what he is doing. If you have a se, you should ll him without thinking twice.”

~ Moni Horvath

“My friend was just found not guilty of a charge over 80 due to Barry's excellent counsel. I highly recommend him as a lawyer.
He is very knowledgeable and has a great reputation for very good reason.. ll him if you ever find yourself in need of representation. Great job Barry!!!”

~ Marisha Jagnarine

“This guy is great. Between his great personality, excellent skills in courtroom and sharp suits I am very pleased with all outcomes. I would highly recommend this guy 10 times over. Thanks Barry for everything.”

~ Natalia Drennan

“I have known the lawyers and staff at Barry Fox for 13 years. They are professional lawyers who have the best interests of their clients in mind. I would definitely recommend them for any criminal matters.”

~ Dianne Cooper

“Barry Fox just got my friend off an over 80 for due process. We just left Newmarket court thinking she was handing in her driver’s license and paying a large fine, instead, it was a NOT GUILTY. OMG all beuse of Barry Fox. I highly recommend him.”

~ C Bieri

“Mr.Barry Fox is the best criminal lawyer period. If you need a lawyer that n get you results this is the man you need!”

~ Sean Dre

“Awesome people to work with. Would definitely recommend them.”

~ Joe Luch

“Used this firm for an impaired charge and I was very pleased with the outcome. Mr. Fox worked hard for me and was able to get the charges dismissed. He has experience and is very knowledgeable. I would recommend him highly to anyone who needs a criminal lawyer.”

~ Jeyakanthan Umaganth

“I have yet to use Mr. Fox but from his level of experience and namesake he rries in the legal realm there’s only one person that me to mind when dealing with legal problems.
Donna and Natalia are by far the best interactions I've had. As a person who was new to court and court structure they not only provided me a sense of lm and peace but just genuine human to human understanding. The REASON I'm going with Mr. Fox has both of them as a major reason for my choice. They were a godsend and I appreciate their genuine re and knowledge. Thank you Donna and Natalia!”

~ Michka Duarte

“Very good lawyers...”

~ Domeni Macri

“I would recommend this firm to anyone looking for a criminal lawyer to represent them. They are very experienced and handle all types of ses including impaired driving, assault, robbery, drug charges, etc.”

Barry Fox is a boutique law firm specializing in criminal law,
loted in the Greater Toronto Area.

Barry Fox is a boutique law firm specializing in criminal law, loted in the Greater Toronto Area.

With over 40 years of experience in criminal matters, the lawyers at Barry Fox n assist you with any matters involving the Criminal Justice System in nada and provide you with the best possible legal representation.

Should you be charged or going to be charged with a criminal offence, do not hesitate to contact our experienced team of lawyers for a free consultation.
Services are available in English, Italian, Bengali and Tamil. Legal Aid is also accepted.

Barry Fox

Murder Charge Unfair: Lawyer
“...Barry Fox argued the young offender killed Villeneuve and got away with it.”
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